The beauty salon in the heart of Zug

The salon

Our salon was opened in 1995 in Zug. In October 2013, the premises on Zug’s Poststrasse were fully renovated. At BABOR BEAUTY SPA Zug, the atmosphere, treatments and products are all of the highest quality. In our three treatment rooms, measuring a total of 90 square metres, we not only deliver classic facial and body treatments, but also special treatments for problem skin and medically inspired cosmetics, all based on the very latest scientific research. BABOR BEAUTY SPA also specialises in wellness, including dermocosmetics (medically inspired cosmetics). Click the image opposite to start your virtual tour of our salon.

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The team

Every member of our team receives continuous training and has years of extensive professional experience in their respective specialisation. We pride ourselves on presenting BABOR’s fantastic system of skincare products and treatments while delivering first-class service. The real strengths of the BABOR BEAUTY SPA team lie in its tact, sensitivity and keen awareness of customers’ unique needs and preferences. With our range of special facial treatments, body treatments that focus on problem areas, wellness massages, aromatherapy treatments, manicures, pedicures and personalised makeover sessions, your visit is sure to be an unforgettable experience for body and soul. In addition to specific skin analysis and relaxing treatments, we can also provide professional product advice and invaluable skincare tips.


Owner and BABOR beautician

German, English

I was born in 1963 in Lucerne. The work of beauticians has fascinated me from an early age. After successfully training as a medical assistant, I completed my beautician training in Zurich. In 1995, I opened my business in Zug and thanks to my continued training, I discovered my passion for working with problem skin. Now, I love spending every day finding solutions for all kinds of skin problems and training continuously to ensure our methods and products are in line with the very latest dermocosmetics research. I’m very fortunate to have been able to devote myself to what I love for over 20 joyful years.


BABOR beautician


I was born in 1967 and I grew up in Küssnacht am Rigi. In 2005, I successfully completed my training as a beautician in Lucerne. The customer is always my top priority. I love being a host and my customers’ wellbeing and beauty is very important to me. I joined the BABOR BEAUTY SPA team in August 2005.


BABOR beautician

German, English

I was born in 2001 in Einsiedeln. Beauty and skincare have fascinated me since I was a little girl. That’s why, in summer 2016, I started a three-year apprenticeship as a beautician, which I successfully completed in 2019. I really enjoy interacting directly with customers and I love how varied my work is. I am always keen to learn more and stay up to date on the latest developments in the cosmetics world.

The atmosphere

Our salon is full of elegant shapes and colours – warm, brown wooden flooring and white furniture create the perfect balance between stylish interior design and a comforting homely atmosphere. You’ll find everything you’d expect from a modern day salon in our premises. In this relaxing, comfortable atmosphere, the BABOR Beauty philosophy is perfectly clear. Click on an image to enlarge it.

The video

In summer 2014, we put together a video to advertise our salon on the television channel RTL. The video was broadcast on 5 September 2014 on RTL. Click on the image below to watch the video.