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BABOR is the number-one pioneer on the German beauty scene. Since it was founded in 1956 by biochemist Dr Michael Babor, the company has been on a consistent course of innovation and has become a pioneer in professional skincare.

For over 55 years, BABOR’s research and innovation centre has managed to capture the secrets of the natural world and pass them on in the form of highly effective, premium-quality products that combine the very best of nature and science. BABOR’s own research department has always been a central pillar of the company, giving it a leading edge against international competitors.

Interdisciplinary teams of scientists and collaboration with renowned universities and other leading scientific institutions, as well as massage specialists, ensure that BABOR’s research yields ground-breaking results and that all BABOR products and treatments are as effective as possible – for visible, lasting improvements in skin health. Most of the high-quality ingredients and active substances are plant-based, fair-trade and organic.

Every single product series undergoes rigorous quality control throughout the manufacturing process, from the development stage in BABOR’s own laboratories through to production and shipping.

Respect for nature

At the heart of BABOR’s philosophy is a respectful stance towards nature and its precious natural materials. That’s why BABOR only uses organic, renewable raw materials. Since it was founded in 1956, BABOR has expressly opposed animal testing and, of course, the company will not carry out tests on animals for any future products, or commission other companies to do so. The high quality and cleanliness standards for raw materials, as well as the rigorous checks carried out as part of quality inspections, guarantee a very high level of product safety and quality.

BABOR products are:

  • Free from PEGs (polyethylene glycols)
  • Free from synthetic silicone oils
  • Free from skin-irritating mineral oils
  • Free from paraffins and paraffin derivatives
  • Free from parabens
  • Free from animal products

More detailed information about BABOR ingredients is available on request.

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