Unbelievable results!

Our customer on the picture to the left, was in treatment with us between October 2015 and January 2016. Have a look at the sensational result after only 6 treatments. Every 2 weeks with the included home products. Just click on the picture for a magnification.
The cosmetic microneedling is an anti-aging treatment, all skin functions are activated, blood circulation improved and the skin's natural regeneration boosts.

When Microneedling the top layer of the skin is perforated and effective active ingredients are brought into the skin. The skin reacts immediately with a moderate to intense redness similar to a sunburn. A burning and a slight swelling are normal or even desired effects in this treatment. This skin reaction usually disappears after one or two days.

Microneedling Face
1x CHF 250.—    Book appointment       Package 6x CHF 1'600.— *    Book appointment
Microneedling Face and Neck
1x CHF 280.—    Book appointment       Package 6x CHF 1'750.— *    Book appointment
Microneedling Face, Neck and Décolleté
1x CHF 310.—    Book appointment       Package 6x CHF 1'950.— *    Book appointment

* 3 products for use at home, are included in the package

Facial Treatment including Products!
with 20% discount

A facial treatment including products for home use, lasting almost 3 months! The products are in original size and are customized for your skin type:

  • Cleansing (Hy Öl+ Phytoactive or Mild Cleanser or Cleansing Gel Tonic)
  • 24 hour Skinovage (Daily Purifying Creme+Intense Purifying Creme or Vita Balance or Calming Sensitive or Perfect Combination or Advanced Biogen)
  • 48 moisture ampoules for 6 weeks (Hydra Plus Activ Fluid)

After a professional facial treatment you receive the products suitable for your skin type so that you can continue your skine care at home. In no time you will get a better skin feeling and achieve visible results!

Classic facial treatment

Cleansing, vitalizing mask, peeling, remove impurities, ampoule, mask
Duration: 60 min
+ Products lasting almost 3 Months

Now Sfr. 350.— (instead of 450.—) You save Sfr. 100.—
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Intensive facial treatment

Cleansing, skin analysis, vitalizing mask, peeling, remove impurities, balance eyebrows, dye eyebrows and eyelashes, ampoules. Massage, mask, make-up
Duration: 90 minutes
+ Products lasting almost 3 Months

Now Sfr. 380.— (instead of 480.—) You save Sfr. 100.—
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